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International opportunities and relationships: Hydrology master programme



Water does not adhere to political or linguistic boundaries.  For this reason, education, research and practical application of Hydrology is highly geared towards international cooperation.

Therefore, good English language knowledge is essential for the Hydrology master program as well as the willingness to actively work in the English language; be it with books, journal articles, or presentations (the Chair of Hydrology offers both English and German presentations as part of its Colloquium presentation series).



Even though lectures are held in German, an emphasis is placed on English literature and is highly integrated into the learning material.  In some instances international guest Professors will conduct lectures in English.


Exchange possibilities during M.Sc. Studies

Study abroad opportunities are available to Hydrology Master Students during the second period of their third semester of studies.  In this sense the elective courses that would be taken during this period are replaced with courses at the partner university equaling at least 15 ECTS credit points.  At the end of their stay the student can begin directly with their master thesis; thereby finishing the program within the normal timeframe.    
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Students have the option to choose where they wish to complete their required internship.  In the past many students have used this as a chance to gather international experience through one or several internships abroad.  The  list of internships includes example internship opportunities in and outside of Germany.


Master thesis

Master Theses are often linked with studies or internships abroad and can be written in English or another agreed upon language.  

The list below shows several examples of states / countries where theses have been carried out:

  • Europe: Germany, Sweden, Norway, Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Poland
  • Middle East: Israel, Palestine
  • America: USA, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Brasil
  • Africa: Namibia, South Africa
  • Asia: Nepal


A complete list of Theses completed at the chair / institute can be found at  List of PhD and Master Theses.