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Course descriptions


Courses are split into three week long self-contained modules which present water and its presence in the atmosphere, rivers, lakes, the vadose zone, as well as groundwater. The interaction of components of the water cycle are theoretically presented, measured in the field, and mathematically modeled during courses. Practical courses such as: computer modeling of hydrological systems, data analysis, chemical and analytical laboratory methods, as well as field work and excursions are offered alongside fundamental theoretical and mathematical studies. The course curriculum provides the qualifications needed for a successful entry into the workplace as an environmental scientist or engineer.

Current standing of courses offered by the Hydrology Master program is available in PDF..
If the contents or scheduling found below contradict those found in the PDFs, then the PDF-version should be taken as the correct version.

The master program course offering is comprised of the following 3 week long courses (5 ECTS credits per course):