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Globale Erdsysteme

Durchführung: Professur für Biogeochemische Systemmodellierung



This module provides an overview of spatial and temporal variability of the Earth system with respect to hydrology, ecology, and meteorology on the Earth's surface. The interactions between water, vegetation, and climate are also considered, and how these differ between different climatic zones. Special attention is given to long-term trends in individual important variables and their interactions, and how these trends relate to climate change. In addition, the lectures include an introduction to appropriate global observationally-based data sets and their advantages and disadvantages in understanding the basis on which our knowledge of the Earth system rests.

The students will get an introduction to work with Google Earth Engine to select a research question to be investigated with Google Earth Engine. Possible research questions will be given; developing an own relevant question is a plus. Relevant scientific literature should be studied, and reference should be made to the knowledge gained in the lectures. The results should be summarized and visualized in a poster.


Der Diavolezza-Gletscher im Oberengadin, CH;
oben: Viehweide in der Wüste;
unten: Trinkwasserpumpe in der Wüste; Sterbender Wald


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